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Taffy and Toby

Taffy is a domestic short hair Torbie

Young • Female • Small Build

Toby is a brown-toned Tiger Tabby with very bold spots and stripes

Young • Male • Tall and lanky

Taffy and Toby came to Mew Haven as tiny kittens only 3 weeks old. They have been raised by their foster mom, via syringe and kitten formula for many of their early weeks and have only known humans as their parents. They have been raised strictly indoors around their foster's own cats so are well adjusted to both other cats and humans. They are a closely bonded pair. Tutti & Turbo are also a closely bonded pair raised with Taffy and Toby and The four of them have become a VERY close little family.


We would absolutely LOVE to have all of these wonderful kitties adopted together but we know this is not always possible. So we are presenting them as bonded pairs: Tutti & Turbo, Taffy & Toby.


Taffy is a domestic short hair Torbie - a mix of Tiger and Tortoiseshell.   She is also petite. Her brother Toby is a Domestic Short hair brown Tiger Tabby with stripes and spots. Toby is tall and lanky. Both Taffy and Toby have gentle, very loving personalities, which includes lots of human face, hand, and arm washing. Like Tutti and Turbo, these two play together beautifully.

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