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Shorthair Dilute Calico with white domestic shorthair

Adult • Female • Petite small size

Lovely Abigail came into rescue after being found outside as a stray by a very nice man in the Wisconsin Dells area. She was terribly skinny and very hungry, the man thought she might be a lost cat as she was timid but yet seemed to be friendly when he found her so he contacted us.


Abigail was taken to our Vet to be scanned for a microchip but sadly she did not have one. She was examined by our Vet and deemed healthy to Vaccinate at the time, he figured she was about 6-9 months old as she was tiny and only weighed about 6 pounds 20 oz. She could be possibly older but was underweight so that was also given some consideration that she could be 1 to 1 ½ years old.


We looked for a possible owner and posted Abigail on multiple lost pet websites and on social media pages as a found cat, sadly no one came forward to claim the poor girl, we have waited above and beyond what most rescues do with the Wisconsin State Law for mandatory stray hold giving the owner plenty of time to come forward to claim her. Abigail was rather timid when she first came into rescue so plenty of time was allowed for her to become comfortable in her foster home and for her to learn to trust her human caregiver and to love the indoor life of a housecat once again. She has blossomed in her foster home and now Abigail is ready to have her own furever home and this adorable little petite girl so deserves it too!


Her foster mom says the following about her:


“Abigail is a sweet, friendly, funny and most curious cat, she loves to play with toys and has been known to get the zoomies when you least expect it and you will laugh when she does. She has done very well in my multi-cat foster home and seems to get along with all the kitties. She does have a few favorite foster buddy cats that she likes to play with as they can keep up with her playfulness. Abigail is the first to inspect anything new coming into the home such as grocery bags, boxes etc., her curiosity at her new finds in the home can be very funny to watch as she leaps into boxes and especially into paper bags.”


Abigail is very healthy, she is spayed, up to date on her Vaccines, tested negative for FIV/FeLV and she is also microchipped. She is litter box trained with clumping cat litter and she uses the cat trees and scratching posts at her foster home. Abigail has not been a picky eater and pretty much will like what ever you offer food wise.  


Abigail is a domestic shorthair with beautiful green/gold eyes that change in the sunlight, she is mainly bright white with dilute Calico patches of grey, gold and peach, she has an adorable striped tail and a lovely pink nose with matching pink toe beans!


Abigail would be fine as a single companion cat or if there is an existing mellow male cat in the home that is around her age or older and is also cat friendly. Slow introductions would need to be made just like anytime you introduce a new kitty into the household that has an existing kitty already there. Abigail would do best as a companion cat with one person or for a couple, she has not met any children in her foster home so we think a home with no small children living there full time would be best for her, older kids such as middle and high school age she would most likely be fine with as they could spend time with her and play with her. Abigail will also make a great office assistant if you work from home like her foster mom does, she will keep you company while you work and entertained in every room you go in…she probably would not mind being introduced on a Zoom call either!


Please consider adopting beautiful Abigail and giving her the furever home she is so deserving of.


Note: Our kitty photographer has not been able to make it out to our foster homes yet, we will update new photos once we have them done…in the meantime enjoy the photos Abigail’s foster mom has taken.

Abigail is lovingly fostered at a home in Spring Green, Wisconsin - transport available within 2 hours driving distance from Madison, WI.


House trained • Current on vaccinations • Spayed • Microchipped • Prefers a home without: Young Children - older children in middle school would be okay • Primary Color(s): White • Secondary Color(s): Gray, Blue or Silver, Tan, Peach • Coat Length: Short

You see more photos of Abigail on

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Please foster or adopt me now!
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