Meowy & Mieko Monroe

Bonded Brother Sister Duo

Shorthair Orange Mackerel with White Tabby Mix

Young • Male & Female • will grow to medium size 

Meowy and Mieko Monroe came into rescue along with their 3 other siblings after being born outside in the spring of 2021.

Meowy and Mieko’s mom Marilyn (a gorgeous Calico with Maine Coon features) was abandoned outside along with two of her long-haired siblings (Maia and Merlin) the previous fall in 2020, a very kind couple that lived on Monroe Street in Spring Green were feeding Marilyn and her siblings on their porch trying to befriend this very beautiful family of kitties so hopefully they could get them off the streets and into our rescue. Maia and her four kittens and her brother Merlin were trapped in the spring and brought into rescue, Marilyn was a very elusive kitty for many months to follow.

Meowy came into rescue when he was almost 3 weeks old and was found crying at night all alone in the middle of Monroe Street by the couple that was feeding his mom cat Marilyn and her siblings Maia and Merlin. We don’t know how Meowy was separated from his mom and his litter mates but Meowy had not been weened yet so his foster mom had to bottle-feed him Kitten Milk every 3 hours for the first 5 days until she was able to get him to lap the kitten milk from a low saucer dish. Meowy comforted himself by using his soft plush purple kitty that purrs and he grew to love sleeping with it that first week. Meowy’s foster mom had another litter of kittens at the time that were only 2 weeks older than him and they quickly became and acted like littermates and they all played together, slept together and drank their kitten milk together.

Meowy’s mom Marilyn was one smart cookie and trapping her was unsuccessful that spring and she was spotted here and there with kittens close by to her, one day Marilyn showed up with her litter of 4 toddler kittens following her up onto the porch so she could teach them to eat kitty food and where to come to get food and water as she was trying to wean them away from nursing. All the kittens were very healthy – a few weeks later one by one we were able to catch her kittens within a couple days and bring them into rescue, they were almost 4 months old but seemed to be okay with being close to humans.

Mieko was the first kitten that we could rescue out of the 4 kittens a few days later after they were spotted on the porch, she quickly bonded to Meowy from the minute she went to her foster moms house where all the kittens were…it was like they immediately knew each other and missed each other right from the start and they really did look like brother and sister too! Mieko was very tiny and the runt of the litter, she was sickly with an upper respiratory infection and was given antibiotics and was feeling better within days. Meowy was always watching over her it seemed, Meowy would lay with Mieko to comfort and wash her and they would knead and make biscuits together using the purple plush kitty pillow and they still do it to this day together. 

Meowy is a very light buff orange boy (he is almost blonde!) with a pink nose and lovely amber eyes, his coat length is short, he has a marvelous buff with white striped tail. His sister Mieko is very light buff orange in color but she also has white on her with a cute white chin, pink nose, amber eyes, white chest and belly with white boots and she has a matching striped tail like her brother has.

Meowy and Mieko’s foster mom says this about them:

“Meowy has been the most vocal of all the 10 kittens in the house and that was exactly why he was named Meowy…he would cry and meow when he very little to let you know he was hungry and would always meow when you would talk to him, it seemed he always had an answer for you. Whenever you would call for the kittens, he was the one that would answer with a loud MEOW immediately and come running and be the leader of the pack. Mieko is petite and rather timid but a very sweet girl once she knows and learns to trust you, she likes to watch whatever you are doing, she keeps me company laying either next to me or close by me as I work on my laptop. She loves to play with all her siblings and the other foster kittens but she is very bonded to Meowy, they eat next to each other and sleep together every night next to me in my bed, both making biscuits together and suckling on their purple plush kitty. Many times, I will see Meowy holding paws with her as they fall asleep together, they are absolutely adorable and such a sweet pair of bonded kitties.”

Meowy and Mieko love to play with plastic springs, fuzzy rattle mice and they adore those sparkle pompom balls to batt around the house and with each other…they also love to chase the laser pointer and play with the feather wands with their foster mom. They are such fun to watch and play with says their foster mom.

Meowy and Mieko must be adopted together as they have a very strong brother sister bond between them. They would be fine with an existing cat already in the household, of course slow introductions would need to occur just like anytime you introduce new pets into the household. Meowy and Mieko have met a smaller dog that is cat friendly that visits the foster mom’s home sometimes so they would be fine with a dog companion as long as the dog is cat friendly, respectful of cats and the dog has been around cats before.


Meowy and Mieko have not met any young children at their foster home however they was totally fine with the foster moms teenage 15 year old grandson when he comes to visit, so we feel they would be fine with older children of middle school and high school age especially if they would play with them and all their kitty toys and wands.

Meowy and Mieko are now 7 months old, he is neutered, and she is spayed, they are both up to date on Vaccines, tested negative for FIV/FeLV and they are Microchipped. Meowy and Mieko both have impeccable litter box use including they both know how to use a Litter Robot automatic cleaning litter box since their foster mom has them. Meowy and Mieko also use the scratching posts at the foster mom’s house and have never scratched her furniture or woodwork. They also both know basic commands of no, stay, wait etc.


The Christmas Tree is up at the foster mom’s house and she has been teaching them to be respectful of the Christmas Tree and holiday decorations and that they are not to climb the tree and play with the ornaments on the tree…so far so good they have been listening to her.

Please consider adopting Meowy and his baby sister Mieko today…this sweet deeply bonded brother and sister duo will make your heart melt and be a wonderful set of companion cats for you and your household!

Meowy & Mieko are lovingly fostered at a home in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Transport is available within 2 hours distance from Spring Green / Madison, WI area.


House trained • Current on vaccinations • Neutered & Spayed • Microchipped • Prefers a home without: Young Children - older children in middle school and high school would be okay • Primary Color(s): Orange Mackerel Tabby • Secondary Color(s): White • Coat Length: Short

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