Shorthair Tiger and Bengal Mix

Young • Female • Petite small size

Miss Krissy is a lovely brown striped ticked tabby with a golden belly that begs to be rubbed and pet. Her black stripes stand out wonderfully against her buff-brown with gold speckled coat, with defined mascara lines at the corners of her eyes that most women would die for, she has the slim build of an Oriental type with large golden eyes and very much has the elongated wedge style head. She is a young cat that is very petite in size, most likely will not grow much more since she has just turned two years old. She is so petite she could easily pass for a 6-8 month kitten!


Loveable Ms. Krissy came back into rescue a very sick kitty weighing a mere 4 pounds, at her previous adoptive home she was bullied by their male cat where she could not feel safe using a litter box or even to get a drink of water or food without the fear of an attack on her, the household was also very disruptive with remodeling all over the house for her sensitive loving nature. Krissy was surrendered back to our rescue with a severe bladder infection, she also had crystals in her urinary tract which caused her to be in great pain, she was treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds and given a special diet food to help her no longer form crystals in her urinary tract. It has taken Krissy 5 months to recover from her illnesses but she is finally back to normal, has gained weight (she is now 6.5 pounds) and is a very healthy and happy kitty again.


Krissy had her genetics run by her previous owner and it turned out in fact she has some Bengal in her which explains how intelligent she is and how she loves to play fetch with rattle mice and paper balls. Her genetics chart will be included with all her Vet records. 

Krissy has shared her large foster room with three other kitties that are around her same age and everyone gets along just great with each other. Krissy has also learned to use the Litter Robot in her foster room besides her regular kitty litter box in her 3-tier kitty condo that she likes to sleep in a night and eat her meals in quietly. Krissy will need to stay on her special Veterinary prescription food for the rest of her life so she does not end up with any more bladder infections due to crystals forming, the food she eats both wet and dry is Royal Canin Urinary SO and it is available from most Veterinarians and can also be purchased at PetCo with a Prescription from your Vet.     

Krissy loves to play with just about any cat toy with fuzzy rattle mice and balls being her favorites. She loves to play fetch with her mice as long as there is no other kitty to compete against getting the mouse when you toss it. She also loves you to play with feather wands and “Da Bird” being a favorite along with chasing the laser pointer after dinner during evening time. 

We feel Krissy would do best as an only cat of the household or if there is an existing male cat in the household, that he must be a very mellow cat that is used to other cats, he would need to be older than her so he is calmer and more laid back. As with any new pet - slow introductions to each other would need to be followed so she feels secure and won’t feel threatened in her new home.   

Krissy would be fine with older children of middle school and high school age, young children would be too much for her. 

Below is Krissy’s original backstory when she first came into our rescue 2 years ago. 

Krissy came to us as a tiny 4 week old baby after having appeared in the back yard of her foster moms neighbors house, the neighbor girl that found her is named Kristina so we thought it fitting to name her Krissy. She took to bottle feeding pretty quick with her foster mom and before we knew it she was eating on her own. She had a slight upper respiratory infection at that time but that cleared up with medications and she has been healthy ever since.

When Krissy first came to us, she wasted no time in showing us how incredibly smart she was. She is proficient at "playing fetch" with her catnip mouse or a ball of paper since a very young age, she rivals most dogs in playing fetch as she does not seem to tire until you do! She will bring the toy mouse or ball of paper right to your hand and drop it for you to pick it up again and throw it across the room for her to chase after again, over and over and over. 

Krissy has tremendous energy at times, loves to play and she can also get the "zoomies" from time to time which is great fun to watch with her athletic ability on the cat towers. She loves to play with you with any wand toy or loves to chase after the laser pointer. She will play chase with a few of the other cats when she is not playing with her toys or with you.

She is affectionate on her own terms but will come to you when you call or when she wants you to pet her. She does not care to be held very long but has discovered she loves to sleep next to her foster mom while her foster mom works on the computer and she loves to sleep on the bed next to her foster mom and the other foster cats all night long.

Krissy loves her food and at mealtimes she gets so excited she is the first to dart to the bowls to be fed, sometimes you may have to remind her to stay in her bowl at first but she is getting much better about staying in place with her designated bowl at her foster moms house. and not bothering the other foster cats.

We think Krissy would do best in a home with an older mellow male cat but one who would not hesitate to put her in her place when needed even tho she might think she is the boss. She currently keeps company with her substitute mom cat that is a Siamese, a Siamese sister and another domestic male cat that also helped to raise her and play with her. It seems Krissy took on many of the intelligent Siamese traits being raised by a Siamese mom and a Siamese sister.

Krissy is lovingly fostered at a home in Spring Green, Wisconsin - transport available.


House trained • Current on vaccinations • Spayed • Microchipped • Prefers a home without: Young Children - older children in middle school would be okay • Primary Color(s): Brown or Chocolate • Secondary Color(s): Gray, Blue or Silver • Coat Length: Short

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